Fields&Strings 2024

5 - 10 February, Moscow

Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow


The conference Fields and Strings 2024 aims at gathering researchers working on string theory, quantum fields, supergravity, mathematical physics and their applications to report on the recent progress in the fields. 

Problems of field theory (both quantum and classical) and string theory at any scale cover a huge set of topics of modern interest: from condensed matter physics to integrable hierarchies, from classical gravity and sigma-models to quantization of fields out of thermal equilibrium. Being very different in scope and possible applications these topics have significant overlaps in either the research object or the employed methods which usually serve as growth points for new ideas and novel approaches. The main goal of the conference Fields and Strings 2024 is to provide a site for researchers actively working in such intersecting areas to discuss current status of the fields and work on open problems of mutual interest. 

Most talks will be offline in person. All offline talks will be on the blackboard and will be translated online. The translation link will be provided to registered applicants.

Organization committee

D. Bykov (Steklov Institute)

E. Musaev (MIPT)

K. Gubarev (MIPT)

V. Krivorol (ITMP MSU)

M. Matushko (Steklov Institute)

P. Slepov (Steklov Institute)

Advisory committee

I. Aref'eva (Steklov Institute)

J. Buchbinder (JINR)

S. Derkachov (PDMI)

E. Ivanov (JINR) 

A. Morozov (ITEP)

A. Nersessian (YerPhI

N. Reshetikhin (Tsinghua University)

N. Slavnov (Steklov Institute)

A. Smilga (University of Nantes)

A. Tseytlin (Imperial College)

M. Vasiliev (Lebedev Institute)

A. Yung (PNPI)

Конференция проводится при финансовой поддержке Минобрнауки России
грант на создание и развитие МЦМУ МИАН, соглашение № 075-15-2022-265